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Pera Jovicki


"Money follows happiness"

Pera founded Cimet Software back in 2010. The vision was clear - to tear down geographic barriers and provide high-end expertise in the same time zone. His expertise lies in executive management, DaaS, and above all in empowering people to reach their highest potential.

Key skills:

<Executive Management>
<Business Development>

Dario Savanovic


"Leave no stone unturned"

Dario was the first to join Pera in the venture called CIMET. The goal was clear- to empower the potential in his homeland and put their expertise shoulder-to-shoulder with the “Big players”. Dario propagates modern style leadership and is specialised in business analysis and agile development.

Key skills:

<Project Management>
<Scrum master>
<Business Analysis>

Ninoslav Kajevic

Full-Stack Developer

"One man’s constant is another man’s variable"

Ninoslav is “The Flash” of software development. He also provides an unlimited source of fun and good mood in the work space that transforms every environment in to the place to be. Ninoslav is a software developer who specializes in Angular framework, PHP and HTML/CSS.

Key skills:


Mihailo Ilic

Full-Stack Developer

"Focus on being productive instead of busy"

Mihailo is our backend specialist and a highly talented programmer. Mihailo holds a master’s degree in computer science and his algorithms provide the most efficient execution to our software products. He possesses great knowledge in the field of AI and Big-Data with which he contributes to our overall success.

Key skills:

<Backend engineering>
<Database architecture>
<Artificial intelligence>

Danijela Jovicki


"Software testers do not make software.They only make it better"

Danijela is dealing with software testing and QA to make sure, that your product refers to the highest standards. Her "Test to break" attitude guaranties, that ones the product is in the customer hands it presents a hard concrete and bulletproof piece of software to rely on.

Key skills:

<Quality assurance>
<Automation testing>

Dejan Dzombeta

Software Developer

"Who it dares, he can! Who is not afraid, he goes forward"

Dejan became an Engineer of Informational Technology on the 10th of September at 10 AM and at 12 AM he already started working with us. We must now say, that was a glorious moment for us all!
He handles both frontend and backend tasks in an easygoing way. Dejan has a unique personality and brings a lot of dimensions into our team by sharing positive vibes and endorsing our workforce with one more happy workaholic. Dejan is an expert in React, Node and develops wonderful microservices.

Key skills:


Ivana Gelic

UI/UX Designer

"The mind is like an umbrella; it works best when it is open"

Ivana is our UI/UX professional who is responsible for your software experience. She ensures that your experience with our applications is as simple and enjoyable as possible. Ivana holds a art degree which is reflected in her work. With her planning, structuring, and designing expertise as well as her understanding of the importance of communication, she significantly enhances our team.

Key skills:

<Figma (Software)>
<Adobe Creative Suite>
<UX Research>
<Art Direction>

Nikola Gavric

Cyber Security Specialist

"Security is not a product, it's a process"

Nikola holds a degree of Master of computer science and works as a cyber security specialist in our company. Nikola spends his days conducting security assessments, implementing security measures, and monitoring the network for any suspicious activity. He is always up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends and technologies, and his attention to detail and strong analytical skills make him a valuable asset to the company.

Key skills:

<Penetration Testing>
<Cloud Security>
<Network Security>

Stevan Bovan

Cyber Security Analyst

"Go step by step and you will always be prepared."

Introducing Stevan Bovan, an accomplished and dedicated Cyber Security Analyst. With extensive expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, analyzing risks, and implementing robust security measures. Stevan is a highly skilled professional in safeguarding digital systems. His comprehensive knowledge, continuous learning, and strong communication skills make him an invaluable asset in defending organizations from cyber threats.

Key skills:

<SOC Analyst>
<Cortex XDR>
<Cloud Security>

Sasa Hudjec

Cyber Security Analyst

"Act like the person you want to become."

Meet Sasa Hudjec, a talented Cyber Security Analyst. With a strong understanding of security principles and a passion for protecting digital assets, Sasa is a dedicated professional in this field. With a focus on identifying vulnerabilities and implementing effective security measures. Always staying ahead of the curve, Sasa keeps abreast of the latest trends in cyber threats and emerging technologies.

Key skills:

<Cloud Security>
<CISCO Network Expert>
<Cortex XDR>

Violeta Klisaric

Human Resources Manager

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.“

Introducing Violeta, the new Human Resources Manager—a seasoned professional who brings a unique blend of psychology and HR expertise to the table. Violeta is an expert in hiring, conducting interviews, and providing training. She uses her skills to foster a successful work environment. Her passion for understanding and empowering individuals makes her a valuable asset to the company, ready to lead the HR department to new heights.

Key skills:

<Recruiting and Selection>
<Training and Development>
<Communication and Interpersonal Skills>

Marko Smitran

Branding Specialist

"Make it simple, but significant"

Marko is the creative genius that sets the visual guidelines for every project. Through his systematic approach and pixel-perfect eye he makes sure that the final product represents your brand in the brightest light. Marko is specialised in brand strategy, graphic design and marketing.

Key skills:

<Marketing strategie>

Dean Grgic

Full-Stack Developer

"If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture"

Dean is the lead developer and software architect of our organisation. He is an expert in creating highly scalable, snappy executing and reliable software products. Dean is also a full-stack developer who is specialized in Node.JS, Angular and System Integrations.

Key skills:

<System integrations>
<DB Architecture>

Daliborka Jovicki


"Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship"

Daliborka is in charge of our finances and book keeping. Through a variety of well designed pricing models she makes sure that our customers experience the highest possible joy while paying for our services. Daca's strength lies in punctually, precision and analytical decision making.

Key skills:

<Finance planing>

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