The Challenge

The mobile service provider offers complex tariff models for enterprise
Invoice control is very complex and requires special know-how and a lot
of time. In addition, you get invoices as a paper bill with hundreds or
thousands of positions that are difficult to analyze or a CSV or XML file
which in turn can be processed by your own IT, but the knowledge for
the content is missing.

As a business executive or chief financial officer, you want to
understand your costs and optimize them quickly and easily. Although
the costs of mobile communications have fallen due to regulations, the
bills are not in the same proportion, as the network operators offer
intelligent cost packages that are used incorrectly and thus incur
new costs.

The Approach

Through our experience in the network operator business, we were
able to understand the billing data and build an analytics platform that
processes hundreds of thousands of records in minutes and builds
visual, simple views where the problem areas are shown.

Following the principle that we focus and focus on the essentials, we
have worked out all relevant information and removed the rest to avoid
the complexity.

An analysis is only successful if you reach the goal in a few steps.

Through in-depth know-how, we have built a unique tool that has been
the benchmark in billing analysis for more than 8 years.

The Solution

The data is provided by the network operator in different formats.
A data tamper processing different data formats prepare all data for the
database and bring them into a logic where you can compare apples to
oranges in the end.
All details of an invoice are read out, data which are irrelevant on the
one hand or GDPR relevant are removed. This prevents conflicts with
works councils or data protection officers.

A database that is operated fail-safe in Austria and is a triple-redundant
secures everything. Security is in the foreground, technology similar to
e-banking is used. Through visual simplicity, we pinpoint costs and
issues in a bill at the company and employee levels.

Technologies used: Angular, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

The Results

We are proud that all Datavis customers are loyal customers.
The added value shows that our tool, even though we have no
contractual obligations is indispensable.

On average, our customers achieve a cost reduction of about 20%
through the optimization with Datavis.

Our analysts help in optimizing and persuading every customer until
the goal is achieved. Very often this is an ongoing process that takes

Each customer has an average of about 15% of SIM cards that are not
used for different reasons. These SIM cards are deactivated,
the costs are immediately reduced. Wrong packets are detected and
exchanged for optimal packets.

The benefits are broad but very effective. Datavis is free because the
savings you achieve by compensating the costs many times over.

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